Reputation Management

You must be asking what is online reputation marketing and what does this have to do with my business? Online Reputation Marketing is the practice of giving people and businesses full control over their online search results. As the information age grows and technology progresses a good word travels fast, but a bad one that isn’t necessarily based on truth travels even faster. Protecting your good name may feel like an impossible task.

To help reverse the effects of deliberate social media attacks, forum posts, negative news coverage, false scam reports and other negative search results pertaining to your business and or your name, you need an Internet Marketing firm like Octomind Media to protect you and is committed to results.

Our sole purpose is to guard and insulate your professional reputation from damaging online content in search engine queries and negative press. Having stellar search results is imperative in todays make or break business environment. Studies have shown that most consumers don’t search past the first page of any search engine query. You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression that can drastically affect your business.

Octomind Media ORM specializes in tailored solutions by utilizing proprietary software and proven methods with the information you share with us. Every client situation and demographic is unique. We pride ourselves on a customized approach and avoiding generic tactics, which in most cases cause more harm than good.

For more information on Octomind Media ORM contact us today for a free consultation and to start your protection.