Video / Photo Production


Blog posts are vital. Photos are key. But nothing illustrates your company’s product as dynamically as a video, which also opens you up to the vast video-watching audience online. A video can also keep visitors on your site longer, leading them to explore your product or service more thoroughly.

If you already have an idea for your company’s video campaign, we have the skills and equipment to make it happen. If you’re not sure where to start, our creative team can sketch out viral video campaign ideas that can help boost your business to a new level of brand awareness.

We’re not just talking a guy with a handycam. Our video production team will shoot and edit cinematic style videos, using full, cine-grade equipment and techniques. The end result is a gorgeous high-definition video that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. From steadicams to dollies, jibs and everything in-between, we have the tools needed to create professional videos.

We don’t use it to create feature-length box office hits, although we could, we use it to create stunning promotional videos for our clients. We will come to your location to shoot a promo or event and provide full-service professional editing. Our style and techniques will leave your competitors in the dust and WOW your audience.


They say a picture says a thousand words, which means professional photography can convey your message more efficiently than a page full of copy. Bad photos can also tell a story, but not a good one. Your company is having a major event and everything’s been arranged. You’re excited to share the results of the event with your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fans, until you realize your posts fall flat without a picture or two. Or worse, the only camera you had on hand was your cell phone, and the photos are less than stellar. Don’t let photography be an afterthought for your website or next marketing campaign.

Fortunately, we’ve invested heavily in professional-grade DSLR equipment and photographers who know how to use it. Our arsenal of professional photographers frequently takes photos for our clients’ websites. We also offer corporate event photography for your next corporate, charity, internal, or other event.

We can shoot on location, which means we come to where you are to shoot what you do, taking up as little of your time as possible. We can also do photography including professional headshots and catalog-ready product photography in the studio at our headquarters.

Currently these services are primarily offered in CT, NY, NJ and MA.