Email Marketing

Ever wish you had help managing your e-mail marketing campaign?

Octomind Media makes this task simple for you. You simply give us your voluntarily provided client (non-purchased) e-mail addresses and we take care of the rest. In order for any business to launch a successful e-mail marketing campaign, you need to enlist the help of a competent firm that understands the techniques to get your message through to your target audience and that firm is Octomind Media.

We aren’t talking Spam here, because no one likes getting that.

E-mail Marketing is still an acceptable Internet marketing format that’s still widely used by some of the world’s biggest brands.

An effective e-mail marketing campaign involves tact, technical sophistication, frequency and a personalized message to your targeted audience. Recipients shouldn’t feel like you are being a nuisance, but a welcoming friend keeping in touch with them. Consumers don’t appreciate the feeling of being sold to, but appreciate feeling engaged.

You can keep in touch with them by providing customer letters, newsletters, promotional offers, relevant industry news .The goal is to connect with your audience and keep your business on their mind throughout the years to come.

All of this can be done by allowing Octomind Media assist in managing your e-mail, graphics/colors to reflect your business, create compelling messages and developing landing page that leads clients to your website increasing your click through.

Octomind Media’s e-mail marketing team goal is not only to grab your intended recipient’s attention, but translate that focus into sales. We continually help you monitor and measure your efforts, because after all we are committed to your success.

To discuss your e-mail marketing needs, contact Octomind Media today. We look forward to helping you grow closer to your clients and developing your own online community.