Web Design and Development

At Octomind Media our custom website designs are smooth, clean, modern, and specifically designed to target your market niche. When a new visitor arrives at your website you have as little as 2.5 seconds to capture their attention and make a good impression before they hit the back button. Your website design must be captivating, and make it easy for your clients to quickly identify what products and services you offer. On average, when a potential customer visits your website, they will also visit at least 4 of your competitor’s websites as well before making a buying decision. Therefore it is vitally important that your website design dominates your competitors. After all, your website is the face of your company online, your 24-7 sales rep, and the most valuable marketing tool you have.

As an Internet marketing and design firm, we understand the importance of quality web design. That’s why we hire top notch web designers and focus on outdoing your competitors. We also go the extra mile to see that the web design is done right. Our custom web design service is extremely affordable and we have insanely fast turnaround time! We routinely do website development and designs for startup, small, medium, and large businesses. No design project is too large or too small.

Website Development

At Octomind Media our front-end and back-end website developers are experienced coding experts. Our development team is constantly learning new tricks and staying on top of modern coding practices and principles. Whether it’s CSS, HTML, PHP or other industry standards, our development team has the skills to code any website or application you need.

Quality coded websites and applications are crucial to a smooth running efficient website. Search engines such as Google give preference to cleanly coded websites, resulting in higher search ranking. Our redesigned websites often jump dramatically in search engine keyword searches when we re-launch them, even with the exact same content, simply from having clean optimized code

Our design and development teams work together to make sure that the design you love functions as good as it looks.

Your new website will be extensively tested across various browsers for compatibility. We also test our sites across mobile phone platforms to ensure that your growing website visitors via mobile devise can view your website properly.

Since we have a large team of in-house developers working together, the possibilities are endless. Many freelance and design and development agencies have small development teams, and thus, their knowledge base is limited. This is not the case with our website design and development team. Our knowledge base is extensive. If you have a need, we have a solution.


  • Full search engine optimization for Google and other major search engines
  • A blog with content that can be broadcasted via social networks
  • A framework for users to register for access to additional content
  • Dynamic shopping cart and merchant systems
  • Built-in social networking
  • A mobile compatible site for visitors using smart phones and tablets
  • A properly set up Google Places page
  • Detailed site ranking, traffic, and progress reports on a monthly basis
  • Status and search engine rank monitoring


Octomind Media is the solution for custom website design and development for sites ranging from small businesses to large corporations. All maintenance and updates are performed by Octomind Media on an ongoing basis. We track the status and ranking of your website, and make improvements where necessary to increase site traffic through organic search results. Your web developer will be on-call for any updates, changes and additions you require on an ongoing basis. This also includes any software updates, defeating hackers and the like.

Content Management Systems (CMS) – Custom Website Development

Octomind Media specializes in Content Management Systems (CMS) website development. We have experience with a number of popular CMS platforms, including WordPress development. Our websites are designed to not only be easy to use and visually striking, but the main purpose of the sites we build is to be found on Google. Search results are our number one priority when developing sites for a business. Whether it’s a B2B, B2C or a non-profit, we want you to be found on Google above your competitors.


WordPress is a popular platform used to design and develop many websites today. WordPress websites rank well with Google and other search engines, and are a very popular platform for web development today.

There are many basic themes you can use with the WordPress content management system, but as with most things, one size does not fit all. While WordPress is a wonderful content management system, to take full advantage of its power you need a custom theme to fit your needs.

We can develop a custom WordPress website to help you meet your marketing goals. We can also make it look exactly the way you want. Once the website is complete, it will be easier than ever for you to update the content. Contact us to learn more about our WordPress design services.

Drupal & Joomla Website Development

No matter the content management system you prefer. We can develop a custom website template or theme to do what you need it to do and the way you need it to look. Our web development team has vast experience working with all common CMS systems. Learn more about our CMS design services.

Do you need a social networking website? Look no further. Our website development team is experienced at building both simple and advanced social networking websites. Our developers are well versed at customizing the WordPress MU platform and customizing it to fit your social networking needs.

Do you need a totally custom-programmed, database driven website? No matter how complicated or advanced the website needs to be, we can deliver. Our large staff of software engineers, web developers, project managers, and designers work in teams to complete massive projects on-time, tested, and ready to go.